“Substance abuse or drug addiction can lead to missed deadlines and decreased attendance”

Not just the productivity of the employee plummets but the costs associated with health claims by drug addicted resources will poorly impact the performance of organisations. With night shifts and sedentary life style, IT/BPO industry is prone to dissuaded workforce. Whereas delivery boys, truck drivers and other blue collar employees are prone to using illicit substances. Leveraging on the advanced methodologies in identifying and eliminating at a very nascent stage turns out crucial in preserving the health and performance of organisations at large

Drug Test

Panel based drug tests with our expertise and affiliations covering pan-India, traces of banned substances can be found in samples through the tests

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CBC Report

Evaluating candidate’s overall health and detect wide range of disorders through certified clinics

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Fitness Certificate

Evaluates the ability of candidate to perform delegated tasks by employers during the course of employment

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Vision Check

Testing the employee’s for adequate vision to perform assigned tasks at optimum level of productivity

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