Macronix is India’s fastest growing background verification company with Pan-India coverage. Headquartered in Bengaluru, our services are available across every latitude and longitude of the nation. We are in the field of cleansing the corporate world if left otherwise taints the entire eco-system. Our intense background verification process starts from the moment the resource is either considered to be on boarded or already a part of the organization. All this wouldn’t be possible with our strong network of vendors and the state-of-art technological tools that assess every granular information of the candidate. Macronix is committed to bring integrity and establish trust in the corporate environment by detecting resources that tinkered with their educational qualifications or past work experience. Nonetheless, Stringent background verification allows corporations to encourage and nurture the right pool of talent instead of housing proscribed resources.

Our Values

While running the extra mile to deliver in depth verified reports is our prime motto, we also keep a tap on human aspect related to back ground verification services.
RELIABILITY – delivering authentic reports driven by integrity keeps us at par RESILIENCE – intent to withstand uncertainties and respecting commitment
RESONANCE – reciprocating with your needs and interests is hardwired in our DNA
RESPONCIBILITY – dedicated to deliver reports in time and keep informed all time