.Why conduct a background check during pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening is not a sign of mistrust or an invasion of privacy, but rather an important step in protecting your company from the risks that come with an untrustworthy employee. Consider the following:

Employers cannot rely on resumes alone to determine which candidates will make good employees. According to the National Association of Background Screeners, 56% of applicants’ resumes contain one or more significant discrepancies. Simply having a background check policy in place encourages applicants to be more forthcoming in their resumes and interviews. While a pre-employment screening policy does not guarantee that all “bad” applicants will be weeded out, it does provide employers with the hard data they need to help make informed hiring decisions.

. What information is required for an accurate, thorough background check?

The information required for a background check varies depending on the services being conducted. With our eConsent solution, candidates are requested to only provide the information required to complete the ordered service. Smart fields ensure that required fields are not left blank.

.What types of background screening services are available at Corporate Screening?

Corporate Screening’s variety of pre-employment screening services allow you to take care of all your screening needs in one place. Our background check services include:
• Education check
• Employment Verification
• Address check
• Reference check
• Criminal Court Record Check
• Global Database Check
• Police Verification Check
• Identity Check
• Drug Test
• Medical Health Check
• Due Diligence

. Do I need an applicant’s authorization to conduct a background check?

Authorization and disclosure are two distinct terms in pre-employment screening that are unfortunately used interchangeably. While authorization from an applicant to search various sources of information is strongly recommended, a disclosure to your applicant that you are going to procure a background check is required under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as well as some state consumer reporting laws. Under the FCRA the disclosure must be made using a separate document that consists solely of the disclosure statement and may also include authorization language. Some state consumer reporting laws have more stringent requirements of the disclosure.

.How far back do your criminal record searches go?

All criminal record searches go back seven years. The length at which records can be searched depends on the record bearer. For example, some courts allow for a quick and efficient search of their records further back than 7 years. The length at which criminal records can be reported to a customer of a consumer reporting agency depends on the type of information being reported as well as applicable federal and state laws that contain prohibitions on reporting certain types of information. As an industry standard, criminal conviction searches date back 7 years. A criminal record search program through Corporate Screening Services will take into consideration, when reporting records, the type of criminal record as well as all applicable state and federal laws. This process increases the integrity of the pre-employment screening program by allowing for a more comprehensive search.

.How long does a background check usually take?

Criminal record searches typically take between 24 and 48 hours to report. However, a number of factors can affect the length of time a search takes; including, the need to match an applicant’s identifiers to court records, the lack of identifiers like date of birth or Social Security Number, common applicant names, court holidays, and multiple records for the same applicant. At Corporate Screening, you will receive constant background check updates and have access to our system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

.Can I expect my background check to be 100% foolproof?

No pre-employment screening firm can guarantee that all information on its reports is 100% accurate simply because we must rely on information source for that accuracy. We do accurately transcribe information 99.998% of the time. For example, data will not show up if it was incorrectly entered or missing from the legal system in the first place, if a county does not report its information to the correct agency or if an applicant gets through the legal system using false identifiers. However, we are committed to training and developing the industry’s finest pre-employment screening personnel who adhere to the highest quality standards so we can provide the most accurate reports possible to our customers. We earn our customers’ trust by putting them first and providing them with honest, dedicated service.

.How much does a background check typically cost?

Pre-employment screening is a very diverse and complex process requiring access to numerous information sources. Generally speaking, a background check costs far less than the new employee’s first day of work, but your cost will vary depending on your customized program. Calculating the cost of a background screening program requires a thorough understanding of your organization, your industry, your process, and your philosophy on background screening. Our pre-employment screening consultants can help you build a background check program unique to your organization that is efficient, cost effective and offers the integrity all employers deserve.

.What are my payment options?

Invoicing and payment can be made based on your customized background check program and can included company check, credit card, EFT, or order-to-pay.

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